General Questions


Where do I find Samoa Immigration?

Samoa Immigration's main office is located in Savalalo, Apia. A map showing our location is available online. See our Contact page for full contact details. Immigration staff are also present at Faleolo International Airport 24 hours a day.
What are the office opening hours?
Samoa Immigration's main office is open to the public from 9am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Passport questions

Is it possible to get a passport revalidated after its expiration date?
No. The only option is to apply for a new passport.

Can my children travel on my passport?
No. All children are required to have their own passport. The validity period for a child's passport (16 years of age or younger) is five (5) years.

How long does it take to obtain a passport?
The standard processing time for a passport application is five (5) working days. Urgent applications are processed within two (2) working days.

Do Samoan passports meet international standards?
Passports issued by Samoa Immigration meet ICAO standards for Machine Readible Travel Documents. They include a number of security features that meet the highest standards for passports.

Permit questions

What are the requirements for an entry permit?
There are different requirements for each type of entry permit. Check the details of each permit in our Permit Services section.

How long does it take to process a permit application?
The standard processing time for all temporary resident permit applications is fourteen (14) working days. Permanent resident permit applications are assessed once per year.
When do I need to apply for my Temporary Resident Permit extension?
All applications for permit extensions should be lodged at least one month prior to the expiration of the currently held permit.

What is the most important requirement of a Permanent Resident Permit?
There are many conditions of permanent residency that all permit holders should be aware of. In particular, permit holders should be aware that absence from Samoa for more than twelve (12) months may lead to cancellation of the permit. Permanent Resident permit holders in such a situation should contact Samoa Immigration or the nearest overseas Mission.

Travel questions

What are the entry requirements for visitors to Samoa?
A complete description of the entry requirements are found in our Visitor Services section. The most important requirements are:


  • a passport valid for at least six (6) months after the intended date of departure from Samoa;
  • a return or onward ticket; and
  • valid visa or permit for entry into the country to which you will travel from Samoa.
  • state accomodation arrangements such as hotel or resort or family and friends ( declare name of family , village name and telephone number)

Can I stay past the standard sixty (60) days allowed by my visitor's permit?
Visitors with a genuine reason for extending their stay in Samoa may make an application to Samoa Immigration to have their visitor's permit extended. Full details of how to extend a visitor's permit are found in our Visitor Services section.


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